GSR Calcium

GSR Calcium is the leading Calcium product because it is the purest, most electrical form of Calcium.   GSR is made from Mississippi limestone and de-ionized to remove all toxins and chlorides.   It contains four types of Calcium, Ionic, Metallic, Covalent, and Colloidal.  GSR is a negative based Calcium which retains its (++) charge.   Sodium is molecular light and positively charged and normally migrates to the top portion of the soil.  GSR Calcium with its strong negative charged jacket latches on to the sodium portion of the salt relaxing the soil and lowering the conductivity.  After the soil is relaxed, nutrients are able to flow more freely to the plant allowing water to penetrate and nutrients to be more electrically available.

GSR Calcium therefore is the fastest acting Calcium on the Market.   It is very effective in increasing photosynthesis to build increased sugar levels in the plant.  Consistent use of GSR will raise sugar levels which will reduce fungus, algae, and mold, reduce weeds including Poa Annua, and reduce insects and pests.   GSR will  flocculate the soil and reduce the effects of high Phosphorus, Chlorine, Salts, Bi-Carbonates, Magnesium and heavy metals and unlock the nutrients that are tied up in the soil.